Overview Edit

Aktual Trashe's sophomore album "Simplistic Ideas" was the follow up to their debut album "Take This As Seriously As We Did" and released on July 3, 2016. It features 20 tracks and was primarily written by Russell with Beck and Russell both almost equally taking on vocals. This is the first and only release without DPM as a member. The album's titled is taken from the song "Hooligans", with Beck thinking it encompassed the album as a whole. The band experimented with more genres, instruments and song structures. The first 5 songs are exclusively Russell, carrying on the joke from the last album's closing dialogue track stating Beck left the band. Track 6 starts with Russell singing the song title "Bring Me Home", just for Beck to burst back in and start the song. Tracks 3 and 15 feature DPM and were recorded before his departure, as well as track 8 featuring Russell's long time friend Gage Mccrary.

Singles Edit

"Built This Coop" - June 3, 2016

"Bring Me Home" - June 15, 2016

Tracklisting Edit

  1. Epidemic
  2. Catching Dreams
  3. Real Struggles
  4. Life Preserver
  5. Forbidden Love (Pt II)
  6. Bring Me Home
  7. Hooligans
  8. Some Things Never Change feat. Gage Mccrary
  9. The Arts of Life
  10. Simplistic Ideas
  11. Phases
  12. Indifferent Mind
  13. Rings
  14. Nightmare
  15. Built This Coop
  16. Short Lived
  17. It's Time to Stop
  18. TGST
  19. Into the Cosmos
  20. The Nonicaul Archives

Credits Edit

Brandon Russell - Mixing, Production, Composing, Programming, Lyrics, Vocals.

Wyhatt Beck - Lyrics, Vocals.

DPM Salt Lord - Lyrics, Vocals (Tracks 3, 15).

Gage Mccrary - Lyrics, Vocals (Track 8).

Album cover: Brandon Russell, idea made by Wyhatt Beck.